Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mostly fiction

i think it's kind of cool that a few of the books i read this past year have been made into movies. the chances of me going to the movies to see any of them are pretty slim (way too much energy to sit in a theatre) but i added them to my list of movies i want to rent when i'm in the mood.

here's an approximate list of the books i read this past year ... and remember, i had one of the coolest jobs in the world working at an indie bookstore so i got to read advanced copies of novels before they were officially released! it also helped if i read what was current ... such a hardship ;)
this is a list off the top of my head of the titles i remember, though i happily devoured way more titles than listed here:

the forgotten garden * kate morton
the distant hours * kate morton
beatrice and virgil * yann martel
c'mon papa * ryan knighton
the book of awesome * neil pasricha
one day * david nikolls
the spare room * helen garner
far to go * alison pick
the guernsey, literary and potato peel society * mary ann shaffer and annie barrows
blue nude * elizabeth rosner
mennonite in a little black dress * rhoda janzen
the poisonwood bible * barbara kingsolver
the help * kathryn stockett
the sandalwood tree * elle newmark
half broke horses * jeannette walls
reading like a writer * francine prose
last living slut * roxana shirazi (definitely adult only)
life of pi * yann martel
the swell season * josef skvorecky
the tower, the zoo and the tortoise * julia stuart
an object of beauty * steve martin
assorted christopher moore
assorted books on learning disabilities
one day * david ni
endless love * scott spenser (boy that was an eye opener almost thirty years later)
ape house * sara gruen
the birth house * amy mckay
a complicated kindness * miriam toews
february * lisa moore
the slap * christos tsiolkas (did not like or finish)
the room * emma donoghue (did not like or finish
parrot and olivier in america * Peter Carey
the sentimentalists * Johanna Skibsrud (meant to finish but got bored)
the weed that strings the hangman's bag * alan bradley
one for the money by janet evanovich (seriously painful but i made a deal with a customer)
the paris wife * paula mcclain
jane *
believe me * nina killham
the year of living biblically * a j jacobs
mister pip * lloyd jones
the heroines * eileen favourite
publish this book * stephen markley
baby catcher * peggy vincent
waiting for joe * sandra birdsell
godmother: the secret cinderella story * carolyn turgeon

on my nightstand ... sarah's key * tatiana de rosnay

oh for the time to read some more.

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