Tuesday, September 13, 2011

last book

so today's prompt was: what was the last book you returned to the library?

i have to admit that i cannot remember. i know i received a few phone calls from the petrolia library this summer, saying that a book i had ordered was ready to be picked up if i still wanted it. i never went, though, because i had no memory of ordering anything. a lot of the books i requested were ones on a long waiting list, so by the time they showed up in my name, i had either already purchased and read them or just.plain.given.up.

it helped that i started working in a bookstore last june, also. once i was surrounded by some of the best literary works available, the library became a distant cousin.

i have been to the library, here, exactly one time since moving a month ago. i have visited the independent bookstore three times but so far have yet to make a purchase there. i did order this for my work and it should get here this week and no, you cannot look inside for real

all in good time.

for now, i'm reading reports, facebook statuses and texts.

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