Sunday, September 25, 2011

return to health

I should have known something was up on tuesday.
I NEVER leave a good nighttime snack go to waste like I did that night
I don't often ask to be taken home early either
and I am hardly ever in bed before 11

today is the first day I am feeling mostly normal after picking up a nasty bug. Three of the four of us have it. It could definitely be worse, I know, but I just started my new job and it's really REALLY bad timing

perfect day to watch useless shows on a new tv.
in less than one week, I went from watching next to no television in six years to having cable and three televisions to choose from.

but cool
and I'll admit it ... tv? I totally missed you

1 comment:

The dB family said...

Really!?!? Maybe I should go turn ours on!

Take care my friend!