Monday, September 19, 2011

see how happy i look, holding this jar of fluff?
an item i have actually said, out loud even, that i would never buy.

well, since beginning our gluten/wheat/dairy free sort of journey, i bought a fantastic cookbook and so far am so impressed. and she said i could buy fluff.
(and i say sort of because only one of us has given up dairy, and i only eat gluten/wheat free when the one of us who has sensitivities is around for meals, so maybe two meals a day for me).

this is going to be breakfast tomorrow.

before you go all why the heck did you buy fluff on me, just don't.
what goes around comes around. and i am pretty sure it did when the empty tupperware container in my pantry fell squarely on my noggin.
i had no idea it would hurt so much or i would have tried blocking it when i first noticed it falling toward me.

the pancakes tomorrow better be worth it.

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