Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunday stuff

first off, we checked out the winter sport show and swap at the kelowna curling club yesterday and loaded up with snow stuff, ready to hang at big white as soon as the flakes fall. twice we were called hard core. yah, more like unprepared. and we spent a small fortune but left super happy. we didn't buy any skis, or boards or boots, but this is the picture i have ...

while we were trying on gear and making choices, this row of skis went down no less than three times, like the grand poo-bah of dominoes, echoing in the gym. awesome.

since my bike is now fixed, i figured our day should also include a ride, so we pedalled to the lake and rotary marsh.

some ducks were waddling up the hill, toward us, so i videotaped them, in case anything remarkable occurred.
as could have been predicted. but i did get this shot and am quite fond of it. i hope they don't mind.

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