Thursday, October 6, 2011


sometimes (ok, most times) i get these thoughts in my head about all the fantastic movies i watched when i was my kid's ages. i don't scour the internet looking to buy them on ebay or amazon or anything, but i do usually look up the title so i can be reminded, again, of what the basic premise was or who starred in it.

the other day we were in winners, looking for fleece sort of pants for my oldest. he left on an outdoor education class trip and needed them. my sons wearing jogging type pants is actually pretty hysterical but that's another post. while they were looking at boy stuff, i happened to spy a collection of dvd's ... ferris bueller's day off.
HA! we had been trying to track that one down ever since one of my sons watched most of it in english class (yah. not kidding)

last night was tea, apple pie and movie night.
i had totally forgotten how much swearing was in the movie but man did it make me smile ... the movie, not the swearing. when oldest gets back from camping tomorrow, it might just be movie night again.

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