Thursday, October 13, 2011

in between years

Which was the best year of your life (so far)?

this is a fun question to ponder. I know that the last year of my life that I consider I existed in a blissfully unaware state was 8, and this remains my absolute favourite number.

8 was the year it felt like we went to the cottage every.single.weekend. though I doubt that was the reality. 8 was the year I remember my mom let me splash around in the concrete pool at Ontario Place. 8 had me at Centre Island, Casa Loma, the X AND 8 was how old I was when I was riding in the outdoor elevator up to the top of the CN Tower when my balloon popped and nearly every adult on board had a mini stroke of fear.

I was oblivious

8 was the last time I remember sitting on my uncle's lap
8 was when I lost a bunch of teeth up north and raked in a pile of cash because everyone visiting that night thought they should pitch in
8 was the year my brother and I thought we were allowed to open every single jar of jam my aunt had in her cupboard and try them out in little squares on our toast when the adults weren't out of bed yet
8 was the age I fractured and dislocated my arm, contracted the mumps on both sides, got german measles and maybe even rubella. maybe I made that up. you'll have to forgive me ... it's my 8 year old's memory.
8 was the age I started singing both solos and duets, taking the alto harmony, and when I began performing in community theatre
8 was also the year of awakenings. I started to notice things about people, namely my relatives, that I had never noticed before.
8 had me starting to grow up

I am not convinced that 8 was the best year of my life, but it was most definitely the start of something(s) new

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