Monday, October 17, 2011

Japadog love

now i have to confess that all i ate off the japadog was a thin strip of nori. it is hard to believe that i passed up a hotdog from a reknown hotdog stand but i did.

it wasn't even because i had had a particularly large breakfast. two eggos, some tropicana and a babybel cheese did not fill me up.

no ... i was a holdout for the ikea dog. i was counting the cost and salivating over the 50 cent delight that was only a twenty minute drive away.

or so i thought.

it would appear that the price has gone up to seventy-five now.
and they wouldn't accept a bottle of water or a small chocolate milk as a "beverage" to make the $2 deal either.

and i didn't get to take home the 2012 ferrari, even though i stood and stared at it, patiently, for what felt like twenty minutes, in true good things come to those who wait style.

it was a sad, sad sunday in kristinaland

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