Thursday, November 21, 2013

fine motor skills helps

Fine motor skills require precision and timing. Fine motor skills are delicate, small actions needed to grasp a single cheerio and bring it to your lips, for stringing tiny beads on a wire, sewing or wiggling your toes in the water. I searched the internet and compiled a list of suggested activities for working with children with fine motor skill difficulties:

·        Tying shoes
·      Zipping and unzipping
·      Buckling and unbuckling
·      Writing legibly and without significant muscle fatigue
·      Playing games requiring precise hand and finger control
·      Drawing, painting and colouring
·      Manipulating buttons and snaps
·      Putting small object together
·      Doing puzzles
·      Making crafts 
·      Using scissors
·      Manipulating small objects such as coins
·      Opening and closing objects
·      Picking up and holding small objects
·      Developing and maintaining effective and proper pencil grip
·      Pinching objects between fingers
·      Using locks and keys
·      Isolate finger movements (one finger at a time, playing piano or typing)
·      Turning things over or turning pages of a book
·      Holding and using utensils properly and effectively
·      Screwing and unscrewing

·      Doing anything that requires small precise hand and finger movements

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