Monday, September 22, 2014

could your child benefit from a psych-ed?

What Are Some Behavioral Signs Indicating A Child Might Benefit from A Psychoeducational Assessment?

  • Anxiety or school refusal: Children who face daily frustrations, struggles and embarrassment at school tend to worry excessively, and their difficulties often present themselves as anxiety-like symptoms. Children who are having trouble learning are often keenly aware that they are learning differently than their peers, and developmentally, they often haven’t developed coping skills or means to deal with the stress this causes.
  • Learned Helplessness or passivity with schoolwork: Students who experience consistent failure and difficulty despite continued effort, often give up and put limited effort into school work, as a protective mechanism for their self-esteem.
  • Misbehaviour: Children with learning difficulties often engage in disruptive behaviours, and can be aggressive at times to avoid the task at hand
  • Boredom:  Children who find some areas of school easy, may need enrichment.

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