Wednesday, October 25, 2006

needing kindling

somedays are just harder than others.

When we want to be nice and toasty warm in our old, heritage home, we need to make a blazing fire in the woodstove.

Seems simple, right?

It isn't always.

Take last time ... I was cold and restless and the boys seemed to be off in space, so I slipped out the door to collect branches from a wee little tree outside the window. I began to snap off branch after branch thinking of how good a cup of tea would be and how motivated the boys would become with the warmth.

It was not to be.

The tree was dead, but the branches were still "green" I guess because I had not brought them inside to finish drying out. The paper burned just fine, but the twigs were useless, not even responding to my fierce blowing on them.

I began to hear the typical barrage of accusations in my head.

" you stink" " you can't do anything without your husband" " you are going to run up the heating bill for another winter because you cannot make a simple fire" " why can't you do this ... both your boys are in Cubs and Scouts and they could start a fire!" " what kind of homeschool Mom are you?"

My husband came home that evening and was as gracious as usual.

It is hard to start a fire if you aren't properly prepared he reminded me.

I can always pick up twigs and branches from the yard for kindling ... they light without hesitation. I can use up the leftover boards from the building sites, too ... they offer a steady warmth that so far no logs have been able to match.

Am I getting the picture, yet?

Pick up the things on the ground that have been provided for me to burn.

Ask for provision, then look for the provision ... expect it. I am reminded of the biblical account of Naomi and Ruth who collected grain that was left behind. It wasn't inferior, and neither were they ... what their God provided for them served their purpose and was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

May I be prepared because I never know what may come.

May I spy the kindling my God has provided ... and unafraid to burn it.