Friday, November 3, 2006

got the matches ... ready to light some fires!

Well ... today is the BIG DAY!!

This afternoon, at 2pm, Onfire turns into a real bustling centre of art and imagination. As of 7:30 last night, we have 25 students coming to learn all about the arts ... sketching, watercolour, upo paper, lino cutting and altered art are all on the menu for the next 5 Friday afternoons.

My husband and I were thankful for all the supplies we have been able to purchase ( really good quality stuff ) and for all the willing parents that emailed and called begging to send their little Monet's for two hours.

We were also blown-away by my husband's boss's willingness to let Neal go every Friday afternoon for the next 5 weeks so we could live out a part of our dream. Not only does this man NOT Homeschool, but he isn't all that into art, either ... how can he possibly care? Neal is the only one in his department that knows what is happening with the jobs he is pricing, so he is very valuable, and yet ...

I will post some pictures of the afternoon as soon as we get a chance.