Thursday, November 9, 2006

pushing the busy bus

some days are just like that ... you mean to go to bed on time, but the cat needs fed, and the litter box needs cleaned out because it is garbage day tomorrow, and we haven't practiced the watercolour techniques we need to teach for Friday, and Ben's present hasn't been wrapped yet, and Scott needs to know how many worship team rotations our schedule can hold, and I left my script at the rehearsal hall, and I think Evan needs money for Cubs tomorrow, and Jonam didn't put away his knife after Scouts on Tuesday, and there are school books all over the kitchen counter still, along with newspaper garbage the boys left out again, and I can't remember what Scripture I need for Bible Study next Monday, and laundry needs to be taken out of the dryer so a new load can be put in, and someone left an empty milk bag in the pitcher so I can't grab a quick drink unless I change it and if I don't get into bed in the next 5 minutes I just know I won't sleep through the night ( guess I won't if I drink milk just before sleep either ).

Ever feel like you are just pushing the busy bus?

Father says to rest in Him. I am to cast all my burdens on Him 'cause His yoke is easy and His burden is light. So why does everything feel so heavy right now?

Little Christian, in Little Pilgrim's Progress, is teaching me so much about focus. I need to keep my eyes on Him ,and His Celestial City, and let my burden fall off as I gaze upon His cross. He'll show me what needs done and what can wait.

I like Anne's teacher in Anne of Green Gables who tells frazzled, little Anne that

"tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it".

His mercies are new every morning

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