Saturday, November 25, 2006

how we shop for christmas

a while back I was on a loop that sent me emails about homeschooling boys. It was filled with tons of practical, funny, and just down-to-earth truth about raising kids...especially the boy kind. While this particular nugget of wisdom is not gender specific, I wanted to share it because it has made a huge difference in our celebrations as a family, and we ALL loved each other up in the process. Here goes:

Purchase only 3 gift types per person, corresponding to the gifts the magi gave...

gold ... wrapped in gold if you choose. this gift is a lavish show of your love

frankenscence ... wrapped in white. this gift is a spiritual gift, meant to encourage and inspire the soul

myhrr ... wrapped in brown. this is a "body" gift, like the incense given.

( perfume, jammies and slippers etc )

I loved the simplicity of the colours under the tree, and we all loved the narrowing down of the "what" to buy, as well as the paring down in expenses. It brought so much meaning to Christmas instead of random shopping.

Try it for yourself!