Wednesday, November 22, 2006

still (on my birthday)

last night my husband came home a little early ( always a treat! ) and, asked me to greet him at the door, please ( I know...I am working on this ). So I willingly went to see him and, to my surprise, after hearing him say " happy birthday " he proceeded to open his coat revealing a darling little 7 week old kitten!

Neal had seen the "free kittens" sign on the way in to work that morning ( are kittens every really free by the way? ).

We had been discussing the possibilities for a while, but had not acted as our current cat has some, ahem, "issues".

She was the worst one last night.

The wee boy we named Silas slept peacefully between us while our psycho Louise popped up from under the bed like a jack-in-the-box gone wrong at hourly intervals, standing straight in the air, hissing and scaring the daylights out of all of us! It was like a bad movie, only I couldn't return it unwatched, and may have to relive it to boot.

Neal also came home with exactly the same hairdryer I had purchased myself earlier that afternoon...after almost 13 years of marriage we are starting to think a little too much alike! I'll return mine today. It's the thought that counts.

Slicing up my requested black forest birthday cake revealed yet another was cheesecake inside, not the traditional chocolate. Neal was initally concerned, but, how could cheescake ever be wrong?

After dinner, he accompanied me to a worship night I had specifically taken time off of Pollyanna rehearsals to attend. I was so excited to be singing again after many months of being "missing in action" due to conflicts with the play. I could hardly wait. Little did I know, the biggest surprise of the day was to be the Lord's message to us. Father's thoughts, though not expected, were very clear to all who were present...still. Be still. Test Me in this. Listen to me in the stillness.

I don't know about you, but I am not always the best at waiting, and being still.

I was a live mannequin this weekend for a five hour stretch. Obviously there were breaks ( like the break we took to benefit the scared, crying toddler who did not like our "game" ) but it was the stillness I tried to capture. I was asking Father to speak to me. I did not want the standing still to just be a production promotion. I wanted to believe that the Lord could reveal Himself to me wherever I was, in whatever I was doing, if I would only ask.

It took Father 4hrs and 45mins to get through to me...

I love you, daughter.

Just what I needed, and when I thought it was too late.

Watermark said it best, and I felt father asking me to sing it over the people gathered last night ( though it took some convincing )

still, I wanna be still, let me be ok with the quiet in my heart, oh,

still, let me be still, and know that You are God, and You're always enough, shut my mouth, crush my pride, give me the tears of a broken life ... still.

so, today, I am going to be still...and listen.