Friday, December 22, 2006

Are we really doing our best by them?

Let me begin by stating the obvious: I am in love with homeschooling ... the concept of it, the wonder and hardship of it, and the actual execution of it, though somedays I wonder why I do it.

What makes me angry is other people. You know the ones I mean ... all those " they say " ers who live and breathe just to make judgements on anyone who doesn't stir their tea just the way " they say " you should. My friend was out the other day with ALL SIX of her children and her handsome husband, happily shopping when it happened. She braced herself in her usual way, but was a little unprepared for all three " they say " ers to launch their attack at once. Outpoured the usual barrage of stupid unnecessary questions like,

wherever do you buy your curriculum ... what education do you plan to give your children ... are you a teacher ... did you go to University yourself ... how do you manage everything ... why????

It only makes matters worse when, in natural, encouraging, self-defense, one answers such prolific questioners with a simple " oh ... anyone can teach their children at home ... you don't need higher education at all! " Ah yes ... a response only a homeschooler could love.

I ,for one, only need to look in the eyes of my two handsome young men to know why I do what I do ... and that I am doing my best by them.

I leave it to you to decide whether I am edjemicated ( or not ).