Wednesday, February 28, 2007

cheese, please!

A diet rich in ice cream and other high-fat dairy foods may lower the risk of one type of infertility, a study suggests.

hmmm ... having struggled with trying to add to our family size for almost 8 years now, this is very appealing. Apparantly, women who ate more than two low fat daily products daily were twice as likely to have difficulty conceiving than women who indulged in the fattier versions. have I ever told you that dairy is my most favourite food group? This fits in perfectly with homeschooling, too, because I can have access to the freezer and fridge whenever a craving hits!

"A good healthy dose of skepticism is good for people," especially when the results are so hard to swallow, said Dr. Patrick Remington, a University of Wisconsin-Madison epidemiologist.

What about ice cream or cheese or yogurt can possibly be hard to swallow? I think I may have to conduct some personal research ... now!

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Feb. 28, 2007 - then I guess you'll want
Posted by bestsister (

extra milk in your tea next time you are here? Maybe a little extra-cheesy cheese bread too. Or how about a good thin crust pizza with cheddar and feta....hmmm. All those handfuls of frozen mozzarella at the pizza shops you've worked for were building up reserves for you now! :-) Clearly, I've been indulging a bit much now. So the next time people ask me "don't you know what causes this?" I can say "yes, I eat too much cheese".

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Feb. 28, 2007 - better yet
Posted by bestsister (

extra creamy may need to up it to more than a box a week. and I may need to join you for moral support...ah the burdens I share with you.

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Feb. 28, 2007 - Dairy Serving Size...
Posted by anotherblogonthefire (

A piece of cheese the size of a deck of cards, right!
I'll eat more dairy to help too! I know this thing takes 2 of us!

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Feb. 28, 2007 - So...
Posted by SmallWorld (

MY question is, if you give ice-cream and cheese to your husband in large doses, does it make him agree to having another child???

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Mar. 1, 2007 - Or a better question
Posted by bestsister (

If we gave cheese and ice cream to the general public in large doses would they all like the idea of more children to the extent that they would stop teasing those of us who do have several?

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