Thursday, March 1, 2007

one more reason to just stay home

I am seriously considering adding "just stay home" to my list of mantras. My husband sent me a link to CBC's website this afternoon because there was an article updating a story I was following. Apparantly a young, teenage girl had been plagued with hiccups ... we're talking around 50 per minute here ... for over 5 weeks. They suddenly stopped this week, baffling everyone. I was amazed at the lengths she was willing to go to in search of a "cure", unable to imagine how hard life must have been. While I was pondering the list of cures she attempted, another article caught my attention,

An Australian state has banned video website YouTube from its government-run schools in an effort to stamp out cyber-bullying, a minister said Thursday.

But YouTube is not the only online venue where cyber-bullying has occurred.

Students at a Catholic school in Caledon, Ont., created a forum on the social networking site targeting their school principal after the Dufferin-Peel Catholic school board banned cellphones on Jan. 30, 2007

I had personally never heard this bit of news, but I suppose one needs to watch for these things every day. You can read the whole story here: YouTube ban.

I must admit that I was not surprised, and here's why. A woman in our local homeschooling group had posted a link to YouTube on our homeschool group's front page. It was a link to a video about quantum physics, so I eagerly checked it out. The video itself was really great, but the surrounding material was definitely NOT. Half-naked women, suggestive titles and expletives were the matting surrounding the video while it loaded. I was embarrassed and a little put out that no disclaimers were connected with the link on our local website. How naive of me ...

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Mar. 1, 2007 - Embedding vs. Linking
Posted by SteveWalden (

Whenever I do find something worth viewing on YouTube, I typically find the embedding link and avoid simply linking to it. The "Embed" link is typically on the YouTube page just to the right of the video and you can copy and paste it into your HTML editor on HSB.

I highly recommend embedding. Embedding allows users to view the content without leaving your site and exposing them to the racy content typically out there on the YouTube site.

*Hic-cup!* ...Oh no...

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