Friday, February 16, 2007

Children priceless but they can bust your budget

Children are priceless but they can seriously bust your budget. According to the experts, raising a bundle of joy will cost you a bundle of cash.

"unfortunately, having children is regarded as the worst financial planning move you can make -- the financial impact is enormous." says financial whiz Kelley Keehn, 31 ( unmarried, and childless, but a wonderfully wealthy and wise woman, to be sure ).

I have the priviledge of calling two women "best friend". One lives a billion and a half kilometres away, the other only 8. Both read this blog. Neither read the Petrolia Topic ... and well they shouldn't; not this Wednesday edition, anyway.

One of the above-average women afformentioned is expecting baby bundle number four at the end of August ( in steamy Saskatchewan ). poor, poor soul. The other friend has six smiling ones so far. both must be on the brink of financial ruin. That is what I just read in the Topic, isn't it? I believe the article states that Kelley Keehn is an expert ... I think. No ... wait, it says she plans on having kids some day, but she may reconsider as time and inflation press on because, she cautions, the biggest mistake people make is ignoring where their money goes. Gee ... maybe I should have thought twice about getting married ... and loving my husband ... or was that just dancing I should have re-thunk?

The article just gets more informative from here. Apparently it is socially and financially acceptable, even applaudable to have babies, as babies are inexpensive ( as long as they're not in daycare ) but what one is to "do" with said babies as they are likely to grow is not so clear. Children are more costly, while teenagers will bankrupt you! Must be another fact I never considered. We are one year away from the teenage years and so far, we still have a savings account and an emergency fund. Hmmm. Wonder what we're doing "wrong"?

I won't bother you with the quote on reasons to have brats lovely children through which many live vicariously their lost and wasted youth, though the Topic certainly had me re-thinking my children's own simple and deprived status in the neighbourhood. If only I had really used my degree ... then they wouldn't have to play hockey on the street; they could be stylishly outfitted and in a real rink. Woah is me.

The piece de resistance comes at the end. This one had my husband in stitches on the living room floor. Ready? Ok, here goes:

Heather McKechnie, a Newmarket registered marriage and family therapist, says kids are a good investment for adults who are prepared to make long-term commitments. For many people, having children becomes the central focus of their lives, which gives their life meaning beyond anything a pay cheque can provide.

Yep. I know parents like that. I know kids like that, too. Why do you think I homeschool? What do you say? I'm still "going for broke".

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