Thursday, February 15, 2007

On Reading Aloud

I was recently directed to this wonderful article, written by Kate Pitrone. She homeschooled her six for nineteen years, so she has had just a little experience.

Don't leave out reading aloud

I found her writing very nourishing and warm, like a warm blanket on the thoughts of my mind. I hope you can find the time to ponder her words ... then act on them. Sometimes I fear that reading aloud is becoming a dying art, and that is sad. My boys are known to complain whenever they view a movie version of a novel we have completed. It just doesn't seem to come out quite right most of the time. Our imaginations are so adept and we do them an injustice whenever we override our mental images with some concocted Hollywood scene ( usually over the top and seemingly about some compeletly different novel than the one we remember so well ).

Can you tell I love to read?

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