Tuesday, March 27, 2007

really glad to "just" be home

I keep reading things in our local newspaper (we're talking the kind that only gets published on Wednesday, and has riveting stories like the woman who grew the potato that looks like a six-fingered hand, which, subsequently, served only to make me put down said paper and watch The Princess Bride.  I must say, though, that the photograph of the woman and the potato was very Gary Larson-ish and did indeed make me smile.  Ahh, the simplicity of small town life) .... back to the newspaper.  I keep finding articles on lock downs in our local High School and it does not make me want to send my children there.

at all

So, Neal and I are tentatively deciding to keep our kids at home for a longer time frame than we had once, oh so long ago, thought we would.  I am usually fairly quiet about our homeschooling, not because I am embarrassed about it (heck no) but because it has become so much of our life and what we simply "do" that I don't really "think" about it much.  Two lock downs in just over one year of us moving here has me thinking now; thinking a lot.


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