Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday is my favourite

Friday has long been my most favourite day.  I love the thought of waking up next to my husband and NOT having to go anywhere, most Saturday mornings, anyway.  Every other day he leaves early for work, but Friday brings the promise of two whole days of being able to stare at him as much as I want.

I really am that pathetic.

The family can be together to do whatever it is we have waited all week to do with Dad.  Tonight we are going to see my oldest in the play he has been madly rehearsing for 10 weeks.  Tomorrow he has two performances and then we can have a family meal all seven nights of the week again.  No more divide and conquer.

This morning was our homeschool H.I.G.H. day morning.  The boys are progressing wonderfully with their sign language instructor.  He is deaf and funny as stink!  I wish I was a part of the class.  I keep thinking I should use my brain more, and I was all geared up to learn along with them.  I need to tell you that I still managed not to learn the alphabet.  Add it to the times tables I was finally going to learn and I am not doing quite as well as I would have liked.  ( I was selected in grade four to go to enrichment classes except I needed to learn my times tables.  Threats were made by my teacher ... this was supposed to motivate me?  What grade four kid wants to pick dumb enrichment over dinky cars or marbles at recess?  I even wrote all the tables I could on my hands in grade five so I could pass the test.  Ii didn't work; I got caught.)

My youngest son decorated a cake.  He wasn't thrilled to be "stuck" in a "girly" class, but we'll suffer through the taste-testing (if we have to).

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