Thursday, April 12, 2007

filled with ... fear?

I am, unfortunately, a woman whose life is sometimes driven by fear.  Not that I am neurotic (though I am sure there is a quiz out there somewhere that could tell me differently), but in the stillness of my mind, when I take the time to just "be", that is when I realize I invite a lot of fear in.  I am not resigning myself to the thought that "this is just how I was made", however.  It is not true.

I saw a man on Oprah yesterday (yes, I really do enjoy her show for the most part) who defined the role of perception.  He claims, and I am inclined to agree with him, that it is the job of our perception, in our brain, to prove to us that what we think is actually right.  If I think that life is dull, boring, not so great, and never in my favour, then my "perceptors" will seek out circumstances that are dull, boring, not so great, and never in my favour, to prove to me that I am correct in that line of thinking.  On the flip side, if I believe that I am a joyful person, happy, contented, secure, and living a fantastic life, then my perception will work to pick up on the circumstances around me to prove my theory that life is, well, life is excellent!

Imagine what adopting that truth could do to my fear

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