Sunday, April 15, 2007

am I the only one?

Am I the only one who, coming to the beginning of a new homeschooling week and looking back on the one that preceeded it, sees that she spent a lot of time doing something but cannot necessarily find a category heading to file it under?

not that I am worried.

I took a VARK learning styles test earlier in the week (one of the many somethings I mentioned earlier) and was relieved to discover that those of us who talk out loud to ourselves are simply proving that we are auditory learners (not in need of psychotherapy after all).  I have also discovered that I am a  very global thinker (which my husband has been trying to tell me all these years.   I just couldn't  quite "picture" it).  As a matter of fact, I am so global that even though I have read Cynthia Tobias' book The Way They Learn many times over, I still don't get it!

I  learned a lot more about my teaching style this week too (yep, another something) when I linked from the Homeschool Minute to the Cindy Downes site .  I find it mildly humourous that my boys have tried desperately to get me to convert from military school (as they seem to view it some days) to un-schooling, and I scored a big 68% in favour of that method!  I react very strongly to being referred to as an unschooler for some reason (methinks thou dost protest too much).  I like to remind the boys that we are "home-schooling" in general, not just "home-ing"  I also scored 72% for Charlotte Mason, though it was not a surprise.  The next in line was Unit Studies, at 64%, another funny because I tell my husband and great friend on a regular basis how much "I hate Unit Studies ... they so don't work for us", to which my husband replies "didn't you just finish writing one?"

If nothing else, I am slowly (painfully slowly) beginning to realize that not only do I homeschool eclectically, but I basically do life eclectically.   I may have been at this homeschooling experiment for 6 years now, but I still like to say that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  I am having fun, and have my hand in many pots right now (I act in the local theatre group, I sing and write songs for guitar though I cannot read "proper" music, I am a lino print maker and an altered book artist, a writer of poetry and curriculum, a Mom who loves to homeschool, and a wife to a fantastic man who still hasn't figured out the best way to do life either).

We are eclectic, and we are full.

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