Monday, April 30, 2007

Our newest garden bed

I hope that this works out in the cool way we envisioned it and doesn't end up as aesthetically pleasing as a van bench on the front porch.  Neal and I went to what is know as Peter's place (the flea/junk/eyesore/ shop) and he came upon an idea for our square foot garden.  We might as well plant one since the grass is mostly weeds anyway.  We decided on an actual bed frame as the surround, and even found a discarded composting bin .. all for fifteen bucks!  So, my man will likely keep you filled in with pictures, while I try to think of something else to blog about ...

The other really cool thing we experienced this week was not, perhaps, as emotional as a kindergarten graduation (not really "done" here in the homeschool circles) but definitely elicited cheers all around ...


I have no idea how it is that a Mamma robin can build a nest right over your head without you noticing, but I guess that is all part of God's plan.  We had a great time watching these three (though you cannot see the third in this pic) stretch their necks for a feed, and scrunch down to hide whenever we approached the garage.  One of them looked a ton like "Beeker" from the Muppet Show.  He had the craziest "hair" ever ...  Anyway, we were enjoying the beautiful weather last night out on the porch and, as usual, were staring over in the robin direction when it happened.

fat boy (aka Beeker) flew the coup!  I have always wanted to see the whole thing from start to finish, but never have I been so obliged until now.  He hopped along the top ledge of the garage for quite some time until taking flight.  We all cheered (Neal missed it because he just stepped inside for a quick minute) like he was one of us; freedom realized is a beautiful thing.

One down, two to go ... *UPDATE*

My oldest went outside with me to water the garden and were delighted to watch the last robin fly the coup, sort of.  Actually, he glided down from the garage and ended up inside.  I guess his wings aren't quite dry.  My son walked slowly around the car from the left so mr. robin would hobble out to the right, and onto the grass.  His legs aren't so great yet either.  He fell quite a number of times in his attempt at independence when just yesterday he was being fed by his mamma. 

I thought of me

I want to do it all on my own and I am not always willing to wait for the best timing.  I wobble and stumble, sqwaking all the while, trying to show off and prove that I know exactly what I am up to until ...

hilarious.  little chubb got himself stuck in a hole ... in lattice ... in the fence ... in my garden.  Yep, that's me allright.

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