Sunday, May 6, 2007

the zoo

We arrived home to find our menagerie still alive and quite happy to see us.  The kitten had gotten into his food bag and (truly) seems larger to us than he did last week.  Even our older, cranky cat Louise came right up to my husband for some affection (highly unusual).  My only regret is not cleaning out the one fish tank before we left.  Not only is it totally gross to look at, but I cannot fathom (too bad it isn't that deep) how he is still living.  The tinier fish, Ace, is just fine ...  Just look at poor Lyall's living conditions...

We are also thinking that there is a possible co-relation between our kitten's apparent growth spurt and the ripped kitten food bag that we found.  I only purchased it on Thursday last and it looks like I will need to buy a new bag on the way home from Homeschool classes this coming Friday.



Tomorrow I am going to post my first trip down memory lane from last week's adventure.  Today I felt like moping mostly ...

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