Saturday, March 22, 2008

tragedy sometimes strikes

for those of us in "Perils" it has struck three times this month. first, our director lost her mom, then, the next week, our assistant director lost her dad. her sister (and her husband) are also part of our backstage crew. just when we thought we could find some semblance of order for show week, yesterday our leading man, Sidney Slick, lost his grandson, at only fourteen years of age, to a stroke (they believe). opening night without a lead is not good, but it is, after all, just a stupid silly play and doesn't amount to a hill of beans in comparison. no one knew how to think let alone what to say.

frank has decided, rightly so, to NOT go on with the show. in his place was the original Sidney (circa 1976), whose lovely wife wrote Peril at Petrolia. he was happy to oblige us and will act in all three shows. he has blessed us tremendously and is an absolute joy to work with. the priviledge is all ours. he knows how to work a stage like no one I have performed with ... and I hear he is only in his 80's.

what a week.
thankful for much.