Monday, June 30, 2008

sitting and waiting

I have never been incredibly good at waiting yet here I am. Our passports are in Ottawa and will be held for a few more days before being sent back to us. I am trusting this is an exercise in patience as it doesn't feel all that funny at the moment. We need our visas before we can book our tickets with certainty and our departure date is soon approaching.

In the meantime we sort through all the stuff we brought to Neal's parent's place and try to do all the government things, visit with supporters and pray for our flight money to show up.

God is good ... all the time. And all the time ... God is good.


Andrea said...

Did you see the review of your "Cheaper by the Dozen" Study Guide?

Andrea (Elliott) :-0

Anonymous said...

Andrea and I are thinking maybe we should pack up and go with you.


BTW, I too am moving my blog. I am going back to my old site, as I have had the domain for so long.

Anonymous said...

Remember Kris DO NOT PRAY FOR PATIENCE!!!!!! Love Mom and Dad :-) *\O/*