Thursday, May 22, 2008

so here it is, perfect honesty

I am beginning to suspect, with all honesty, that I am actually the only one in my family that likes homeschooling. Seriously. My boys don't get along a lot of the time and chose to fight, argue, whine and fuss a lot.

They don't happily adhere to the schedule we have, they don't happily do chores when asked and they seldom, if ever, volunteer on their own. They would prefer to just "home" and drop the "school" all together. I am not sure if It is just me and what I am doing incorrectly, (because none of us are perfect despite our best intentions) but I certainly don't read about this on any other homeschool blog, nor do I hear about it in my homeschool circles. The other families that I know actually like being at home to do their work and actually like playing with each other and regularly tell their families that they love them, do spontaneous acts of service or kindness for family members and hug or kiss family members, too.

Today, my boys have the pleasure? of writing their C.A.T. tests so we can have something to let our new school know where they are at academically. I have absolutely no worries here, except I wonder that this homeschool adventure has not been at all what I thought and dreamed it would have been. Maybe our not homeschooling two years coming up will be just what they needed. I just hope I don't take it too personally if they prefer it and actually end up loving something for what seems like the first time in forever. hmmm.