Saturday, May 17, 2008

I used to blog with abandon

but now it seems I am happy to just be keeping my head above water, and soon that water will turn mighty salty. Lately we have been finishing up subjects as our school year comes to an end and the new one looms in the near future, August 6. Our Study of the Swiss Family Robinson means so much more as we, ourselves, are heading to "New Guinea" just like they did (only I pray we don't become stranded. I am not as patient as Mrs. Robinson). I do believe the boys are enjoying what I wrote, there is just so much to distract us that it lessons are feeling more tedious than pleasurable these days. We are on an official countdown now so that we end well June 6.

HIGH Day is officially done for us now for two years. Now we move our thoughts to ponder life in a tropical classroom, with 11 other students, sharing, debating and sitting much longer than we are used to. It will be strange to not homeschool and yet, by all accounts I have been given, things will seem very familiar indeed. The principal has communicated to me that the subjects I am in charge of are to be taught "according to my personal teaching style". How great is that? I simply cannot wait to infuse my homeschool charm on these unsuspecting students. I am also thrilled to be using Sonlight for the first time in my life. I get to teach Social Studies, Bible and English while Neal gets to teach Art. Amazing.

I often find myself wondering how I will adjust to the relative quiet there, and the subsequent influx of noise upon our return. Two long, short years. I already have three journals ready to go; a gift from an artist friend.