Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Spiritual?

I have a list of things to blog about each day of the week. Why? In case of fickleness, which is a common occurrence with me, and also because I am a first-born girl that used to be choleric and finds her need to control re-surfacing more often lately. But I digress.
I thought that Sunday Spiritual held a lot of possibility ... then there was today.

While we did enjoy an incredible service this morning at our home church (hopefully it is the last Sunday because we fly out this Thursday) and the message was poignant, what got me going were the open air concerts in the afternoon;
it usually IS music that gets me
~ music soothes the savage beast

Art in the Park is something I helped to organize this past bunch of months but, due to our leaving for the field, was unable to participate in, or so I thought. It has gone over incredibly well, only getting rained out yesterday for the afternoon. After church we ate peanut butter sandwiches and sat on a quilt, listening to some good friends playing at their best. We were also able to give out many much-needed goodbye hugs and shed a few happy "see you in a couple of years" tears as well.

The spiritual part? Nourishment for the soul,engaging ourselves with some truly talented but humble friends. Starting with the Young Company's remount of Alice in Oil Town, and ending with Neil Blackstock and Steve Carapiet, we were entertained and emotionally filled. It didn't hurt, either, that one of the selections was Josh Turner's Long Black Train


SmallWorld at Home said...

*sigh* is all I can say.

LInda K. said...

I found your new blog.
I'm praying for you in your new journey.

Barbara said...

Did you see my sister? Is she staying at Sylvia's? Just making it all about me over here.

onfire in PNG said...

no sister though I did hug Syl. I am afraid that Art in the Park wasn't cool enough for everyone.