Monday, July 14, 2008

the Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Monday, July 14

Outside My Window... My in-laws have a garden that is rivaled only by Smallworld's. The tranquility and imagination I unearth while basking under sun-drenched wisteria is serenity at its best.

I am thinking... I should take lappy out on to the deck, so I can hear the birds, but it's plugged in.

I am thankful for... restless sleeps and crazy dreams.

From the kitchen... I am about to make myself a perfect cup of Organic Numi and step out into the brilliant world once I finish this post. Tea simply tastes better out of doors.

I am wearing... great board shorts I bought in Grand Bend and a light brown Reebok Original tee; my favourite toe ring.

I am creating... another study guide that I should have published and sold already but got lazy about.

I am going... to swim in the lake, later ...

I am reading... The Jane Austen Book Club

I am hoping... to embrace many things

I am hearing... the quiet tick-tock of the old-fashioned mantle clock and the delicious sound of pages in a book being slowly turned by my oldest son. I wonder how to write that sound?

Around the house... Grandma is downstairs on her computer and the boys are watching a Discovery Chanel program. Neal just left to go on a bike ride.

One of my favorite things... sharing a meal with people who validate who I am becoming and make me strive to get there. Especially if chips, potato Caesar salad and sausages are involved or it is called a grill-out.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: taking malaria pills for the first time and finally deciding which books simply cannot come with me. I am unsure which is going to be the more difficult thing to actually "do"


halfpint said...

I like your format from the daybook, neat idea. I could use an outline for my thoughts like that. Let's see if I can get this not to say 'anonymous' this time. I remain computer illiterate. Sounds like nice digs where you are staying :)

SmallWorld at Home said...

I wish you were here to grill-out in the garden. I picked fat blackberries today. I'd make you a cobbler.

Barbara said...

I'm just realizing how funny God is. Halfpint's due date was your original fly day. She has not birthed yet. You have not flown yet.... Two happy things for me to wait for and pray for. Maybe it will happen on the same day. But for her sake I pray her labour is not as long as your travel time. Perhaps she'll name her child "hoskins" or "singapore"...or not. :-)