Thursday, September 18, 2008

friday freefall

this has been a strange week for me. wednesday morning I went to feed the bunny and noticed she was quite dead. I cried almost all morning. missy was the best bunny ever, even though we have had one in the past for a pet and had it for much longer. neal i plantim long graun sit i kam long banis. mi bel i hevi. mi tingting missy.

some other weird things happened but they can basically go without mention.

today we are going to a beach for a couple of hours as an end of school term trip. a significant number of students will fly home today to go bush with their parents that they have not seen now for almost 7 weeks.

(tete, ol i go long nambis long two pela hour long pinis skul term.)

~ for sarah, long basically covers any preposition. barb already had that lesson.

I hope I can see Nemo today in the reef!

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