Monday, September 22, 2008

tuesday timetable

but really it is going to be Monday's musings because internet has been brutal to me since I last posted. so sad. today Neal started working in the joinery. he is working on a bathroom that has had a leaking toilet for some time. it seems the whole floor was fashioned out of particle board (can you believe it?) and has turned into wet Wheatbix. un.believable. also, why can I take the time to capitalize names but not beginnings of sentences? mi no save.

FOR TODAY... Monday, September 23

Outside My Window... liklik win

I am thinking... that I truly love being a wife and mother; there is nothing else I would rather be

I am thankful for... prayers

From the kitchen... a pot of pumpkin soup

I am wearing... a white and pink tank and green knee-length shorts

I am creating... a series of memories; some on paper, some in my mind alone

I am going... to "break in" to the school library

I am reading... The Blue Bottle Club, by Penelope J. Stokes and Shadow Spinner by Fletcher (for school)

I am hoping... to finish well

I am hearing... my neighbours, my fridge motor and my numba wun son on the other laptop

Around the house... three of us on skul malelo

One of my favorite things... second hand stores

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: finishing my Tom's Midnight Garden study guide, planning the next 9 week term and receiving some mail

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


K2 said...

Did you let me borrow the Blue Bottle book? 'cause I know I read it and loved it... if it WAS you that let me borrow it.. apparently I returned it to you ;) haha!

halfpint said...

I was thinking of you guys when I recently went to 'Art in the Park' recently with my mom for her b-day week-end. I remembered bumping into you there a couple of years ago. I mentioned your move to PNG and it ends up my mom works with Neal's at the Crisis centre. Interesting, small world. p.s your pic's are great!

Barbara said...

I am thinking that it stinks having to boil water in a pot on my stove since my kettle broke just last week, but that I might not buy a new one until you get home and christen it with you.

Joy said...

enjoying your thoughts...i thought i would end my blogging strike when i was missing you and realized you probably are staying quite connected with all your friends online...silly me. now that i found you i won't lose you.
guess i'll have to start blogging again to stay connected