Thursday, October 2, 2008

friday freefall

today, the boys are going to Walindi Resort, to try some serious snorkeling before the next school term begins on Tuesday.
Neal is going as well, with some of our neighbours ... must pack as many missionaries as possible into one, big, white van.

The realization hit me yesterday afternoon. I really and truly had zero desire to go though the whole thing was initially (kind of) set up as a way for our family to get off the base for a change. But I am happy right here.

I have some plans ... finish the novel I am currently reading and finish the study guide I started writing some time last year. It has taken too long and needs to move on already. I have so many other ideas of things to write.

now, to convince the other missionaries here that I know what I am doing and they do NOT need to try to "fix" me any longer ...


Rob said...

So did you finish the novel yet? How is Neal? Did he get any pictures underwater? How is the whole missionary thing going? I get jealous when I read your blog.

Well, we are praying for you.


K2 said...

Hunny you are perfectly perfect just the way you are. With the built-in need for alone time. That's the way God made you. You think missionaries would undertand that ;) haha