Friday, October 3, 2008

saturday something

the trip to Walindi was a huge success ... Neal even saw himself swimming above a reef shark. the piece de resistance came when he presented me with an "I thought about you and I hope you had a great day, too" gift. Have to love thoughtful men.

I did finish my novel, Rob. I think your wife would like it, too. It is the second time reading it for me. It is very inspiring.

I did not completely finish writing my novel study but I only have seven chapters left to go and that can be done today, methinks. Then the editing. whoo hoo, cannot wait. *sarcasm*

the boys also brought home some incredible shells, you know, the kind you see in those shells from around the world type books,just.lying.there.on.the.sand.

then there was the package that came, from b
and the email that choked me up from tom, saying that he met and sat next to my dad thursday night. I miss my family; the tears were happy. can you say "good day?"

God never ceases to amaze me, here on this island
... one more photo to make you wish you were here ... tropical paradise


SmallWorld at Home said...

So beautiful. I cannot even believe you are living there, right this instant!

Andrea said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I love reading your posts; I'm so glad you have Internet access, slow though it be. :-)

Is the novel you are recommending The Blue Bottle Club? It looks like our local library has it; I'll check it out on Tuesday. I'm about ready for something new as soon as I finish re-reading Bleak House.

Tons and tons of blessings,

Andrea :-)

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

Wow, how beautiful it is there! I imagine it can be quite difficult at times being away from your family-- but it sounds like your family is increasing with the close friends that you are making in PNG. :-)

Have a wonderful week!