Saturday, October 18, 2008

sarere sampela samting

homeschooling wasn't incredibly popular in the town we moved from, before coming to Papua New Guinea. that is an understatement, actually. out of a population estimated to be 5000, there were exactly three families homeschooling last year. our family was counted in that "three". if we were to, say, return home next school year, 2009, and resume our home studies, the two families who homeschooled with us last year will, both, have their boys in the local high school. One of the families already has their 14 year old son in high school, for grade 9, this year. The other family will send their first child in 2009. they will still have their second child, a young boy, at home, (in grade 5 I think) but he is pretty young to be a companion for my boys. None of this occurred to me until this very afternoon. Isn't that crazy? Next September I will have one son in grade 9 and one in grade 8 and we would be the only ones homeschooling in our town, legitimately, since the young boy in grade 5 lives out in the country, the next town over.
When Barbie et al move closer to her and her husband's family, that means we will be an hour away (or more, depending) from each other.

I cannot imagine what that all will be like. I will simply have to trust the Lord in that ... and believe that my boys will honestly be ok with it, too.

so as I was pondering all this, sitting at my table here, in Papua New Guinea, I heard a tractor in the backyard, harvesting kon (corn) just like they would be doing back home, and I thought "how bizarre".
and for a second, I forgot where, exactly, I was ...


SmallWorld at Home said...

You sold your house. There are hundreds upon hundreds of homeschoolers here. Need I say more?

Barbara said...

I thought I saw your boys today in the South Foyer at church. Then I realized it was a Blackwell boy. I knew it couldn't possibly be your boys and yet somehow, I hoped.

Who knows where exactly we (you and I) will end up. I do want to chat with you about all this. We are thrilled with the new job and terrified at the prospect of starting over...again. TN does have its appeal. Except that would be even farther than London to P-town. But I would visit you in TN, not PNG. I'm not that rich! (she says, stating the obvious).

I just miss you a lot and want to continue being in your life in a much more face to face way than we are right now.

And I get to tell them at HIGH Day tomorrow that I won't be returning in the New Year. :-) Praise God for small mercies. He is patient with my weaknesses (fear of man) and gives me a way of escape.

How is this for the longest comment ever? I suppose I should have emailed. too late now. xoxoxox