Saturday, October 18, 2008

messages home

Wow. Thank you so much for your email and the picture. You don’t realize how much you miss home until you can’t get there ... and Neal was JUST thinking about the gorge the other day. Your picture was incredibly timely. I am having quite a bit of homesickness here, now that the “honeymoon” phase is over. My mom tells me it is all quite normal but it isn’t pleasant, especially when you add in the heat! What I wouldn’t give for some of that cool, crisp fall air!

Maybe to some it would seem silly and insignificant to send a fall picture but when you are sweating here and missing home, it is a balm!

My mom sent some pictures from Athletic Park and my brother sent some from the Muskokas. Neal’s old boss, in Sarnia, sent some from his cousin when he went to Algonquin. So nice; I still have to go there someday.

Jonam’s eye seems a bit better today and we were loaned some cream for it, so we are thankful and hopeful it won’t last long. Good thing we know so many caring people. My inbox was full to overflowing this morning when I woke up. All I could do was read, cry and smile. It was good. Takes a trip overseas for me to finally see some of the stuff I am made of. Not all of it is good, but I am definitely a work in progress and I am learning to appreciate even more those little moments each day that point to goodness and grace. SO, I am certainly working it all out, under many an eye as we live in a fishbowl. Never thought I would learn so much in such a small time frame.


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