Thursday, October 23, 2008

thursday throwback

I was so stinking tired when we got to Japan, I hardly even took the time to look out the window. I have no idea what Japan's scenery has to offer, in Narita. It was our second flight, but a long one ... Chicago to Japan was just over 12 hours. I do remember, once on solid ground again, that wish I had slept a bit on board. My legs were like Jello and though I wanted to eat, I also thought I so I passed.

I mean, what do you eat in a completely foreign country, anyway? I can't read any of the signs, I have no idea what it will truly cost me, in the end, or if my stomach will handle it well.

I believe we had a total of 1 big hour in Narita before we boarded our third flight of the "day". I use the term "day" loosely because it had already been two. We wouldn't be able to drop onto a bed until we landed in Singapore, in another 6 or 7 hours. I can't remember ... an adventure in itself; a story for another day.


Barbara said...

still, you can say you were there. When I arrived in the airport in Amsterdam I was strung out on Gravol but I still like to say I've been to Holland...

JenIG said...

i think you have the prettiest blog in all of blogdom.

Along other lines, why couldn't your plane stop-over in TN?