Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tuesday timetable

I have embarked upon some things here that are, perhaps, a little bit out of my league, seeing as how there are no Internet cafes anywhere near me and the library at the school is not equipped like my personal one was at home.

I am stumped as to how to begin writing my novel already. I just don't feel it. That is tragic.

I did, however, start my classroom of grade 7/8 students working on a lapbook about China. They are slightly overwhelmed at this point, never having heard the term, much less seen one. Thankfully I have taken a course and have samples of mini books etc and there is a supply of some differently coloured papers and file folders here. Now, if only I could have all of YOU here alongside me, to help me figure out the practical part of this I would be all set. I am deciding that I need to facilitate this class in a huge way. I am going to dictate booklets and even some topics they put inside said booklets, otherwise I am going to get a lot of ugly folders. I love that this is such a clean canvas for me on one hand and feel overwhelmed at what I am proposing (mostly because I do not have a pattern to either follow or adapt). I trust that it will all fall beautifully in place, eventually. Just because I am teaching more than two does not mean I have forgotten how to homeschool ... I have simply added to my "territory". Plus it helps that Barb doesn't mind sending me files that Dan's Guardian blocks.

Some days, I honestly wonder how I make it. Talk about NOT seeing the trees in the forest. If only I could make sense of The Way They Learn ...

So, for the second week of term two, I am teaching the following:
Grades 9-12

Learn to Write the Novel Way, where we are beginning Step 6
Abeka Spelling 10
Reader`s Response

Grade 7 and 8
Sonlight Core 5 Eastern Hemisphere, where we are currently studying China
Easy Grammar, just marking the Prepositions Review Test (Prep Phrase vs Adverb)
Spelling, various books
All the Small Poems
memorizing Footprints in the Sands, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
music (rehearsing for Christmas ... I Will Testify to Love and two others undetermined at this point)

maybe I am forgetting something.


SmallWorld at Home said...

YOU can do it. You will do it! You are doing it every second!

Barbara said...

I want Sarah to be my friend and email me that encouraging phrase everyday. That was simply beautiful...

And as a devoted friend, I will continue to send you contraband files whenever you need them. Ooooh those illicit homeschool websites...