Sunday, October 12, 2008

sande sindaun

I haven't been able to blog for a whole week now, though I know I shouldn't complain (maski long toktok). The people here never blog and they are just fine. Today, we went to work in our friends garden. It was dirty work but we enjoyed it immensely. They had already taken the biggest brush away and burned most of the plot. We got ash all over us but we didn't care. Gabby toktok wantaim ol. Em skulim mipela. While working in the garden we saw a few huge butterflies, a blakbokis (big fruit bat ... we are talking they are so big that when they fly you think it is just a large black bird, like maybe a buzzard). Our friends have planted many things, including kabis (cabbage) but the bugs (banatang)get to most of it before they can eat it (kaikai). We were given the only kabis that was good (gutpela)

... that meant a lot to us. These may be zinneas but I can't remember (mi lus tingim nem bilong en) taim bilong waswas.

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Barbara said...

you really need some caraway seed to go with that cabbage. Maybe I'll send some. Think the cabbage will stay fresh until the mail comes? ....not likely. What these pictures say to me is the answer to the prayer request posed in Matthew 9:37-38. The Lord tells his disciples to pray for labourers because the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers few....

I know that He must be thrilled that your family has taken up the call to go and be his labourers here: the literal garden work is such a picture of what you are really doing for Gabby and Vincencia. I am warmed to my toes and challenged to the bottom of my heart. Well Done!

(And those are some beautiful feet....another bible picture, yes?)