Saturday, November 1, 2008

dan's birthday bash

dan's wife decided that monday is never a good day to celebrate a birthday, so we should have a party on a friday night ... oh, and come in costume. how convenient, given that friday was the last day of october. here is one shot of the dormand me, always a girl from the fifites, for lack of imagination (though last year I was an ice queen) I keep telling barb that I have lost weight since arriving here ... looks like I could be wrong ... oh, wait, I DID really roll up my skirt, around my middle, to make it short enough to be a pseudo poodle skirt. really, I did.
jonam went as his math teacher, whom he really does like and respect. too bad mike was home with a killer headache and missed the mockerythen last, but certainly not least, evan and neal as ... well, as jay fox? geeks to the core. they talked binary all night. I didn't understand a word of it. too bad jay wasn't there.later, we hit each other with a rolled up dog food bag, answered every question with the word "sausages", admitted to having watched way too much television while growing up, played with rotting, wet potatoes and ate cake. it helps with homesickness.


halfpint said...

You are hilarious. Interesting ways to have fun! I still have seven pounds to drop after the baby. Hmm...I wonder if the candy in the house will help with that???It was warmish here for Halloween again. Just like last year. Gone are the days of dorky ski jackets under our costumes???

SmallWorld at Home said...

Binary? Rotten potatoes?