Sunday, December 21, 2008


would you even believe me if I told you that since it is so hot in our hotel room (read: 82 F) I decided to watch some tv, in just a tank top and some boxers ... and that is precisely when the fire alarm chose to go off?

AND it is minus 5 or something OUTside

oh my word


SmallWorld at Home said...

Welcome back! ;-)

Luke said...

Ah, the beauty of life.'ll laugh about this one day [smile].


JenIG said...

Your life is a sitcom

Anonymous said...

It could only happen to you Kris. Welcome back to the Great White North! Heh heh! Yes you WILL laugh about this one day. I promise. <3 Mom

K2 said...

WOW! that DOES suck!!
But love the pic of the 4 of you - nice! Lotsssa love!

P.S. Sorry, that IS what you get when you hang out in a tank top in Vancouver in December. You'll remember for next time ;)


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