Sunday, December 21, 2008

stuck in an elevator ...

can't get out ...

well, maybe not, but I love that line from Mixed Nuts.

If you didn't hear already, our anniversary was a bust. It was number fifteen this year and I was expecting to still be in PNG, but the Lord has us in Vancouver instead.

for, like, ever!

So the big day comes and first off, our kids are with us. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but they weren't there the day I got proposed to OR the day I got hitched ... and it is kind of too bad we couldn't have celebrated alone. Oh well, never mind. The bus ride to the laundry mat was fantastic and watching the clothes drying was really moving too. I almost cried ... wait, no ... that actually did happen. so sad.
I tried not to let it get me down, but this has not exactly been the best last month for us.

So, we have tried to explore Vancouver as best we can, only, truth be told, it kind of sucks.
Is that too harsh? I'm not on the base anymore so I am allowed to say sucks.We did have a great time at the Aquarium, LOVE riding the bus for at least 45 minutes any time we want to go anywhere, and have a cheesy showtimes photograph to prove how happy these last five days have all been.

oh, but wait, the best news for last!

we get to stay a whole TWO MORE DAYS because our flight got cancelled!

are you jealous?


Barbara said...

truthfully a little jealous. But I'll fill you in on why when you get home. eventually....whenever the weather clears up. You do know there is another bit of Storm coming Tuesday too right? Maybe you need to start a missionary school in Vancouver. That would be something. xoxoxo. counting the minutes.

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lol,so nice