Monday, January 12, 2009

i kid you not

i am just waiting for the day when what I THINK is somehow, simultaneously, stored in my compy. just waiting.

i cannot begin to tell you how many times i have composed an absolutely brilliant song or perfect blog post while lying. in. bed.


is it so difficult for me, in particular, to be able to master the art of writing while completely lucid ... and vertical? how come i am so able to crack me up in the middle of the night but not so much in the dead of day?

sad. truly.

i just remember something completely hilarious occurring in my mind last evening with a great run on about bread machines and jen igarashi.
it was simply stunning.

and i cannot remember a word of it.

guess you had to be there.


40winkzzz said...

Oh yes, I write brilliant, profound, and/or witty blogposts in my head all the time. Most never make it to the computer and of those that do, perhaps half are actually finished and published.

I've also been known to write pretty a decent blogpost in the comment section someone else's blog while simultaneously negelecting my own. (I suppose that's partly b/c I can generally manage to get a comment, even a long one, written before my Inner Nazi kicks in. Not so with writing for my own blog, where every thought gets churned around in my brain and regurgitated in half a dozen different forms before I can even finish type it. Or something.)

Did that even make sense? Sorry; I had caffeine too late this evening and now my body is wired but my brain is tired.

I have not yet had a chance to finish catching up on your blog. I'm still stuck in November or October 2008, so you can see I haven't made it far. I was so enjoying it, and then I had to put the puter away and then life happened and, yeah. You know how it goes.

40winkzzz said...

OK, I am back, having spent the last 30 minutes of caffeine-induced insomnia perusing your blog from May something-or-other up until you left for PNG. And I did not want to leave comments on "really old" blog posts (although that might have been fun), so I will leave a few here, and hopefully you will remember what you said that provoked them.

(1) I agree that many homeschool blogs make it sound as though in other hs families, everyone is all happy at each other all the time. I am trying to remedy that on my own blog as I have opportunity (although some of said remedial posts are the ones that never actually get posted).

(2) I am not relational either. I only just figured that out a year or so ago, and until I read it on your blog tonight (er, this morning) I had never heard anyone else say it. Huh. We could almost be friends, if only we were, you know, relational. :-D

(3) At some point you said Sarnia, right? We travel to bi-annual family reunions in W NY via Ontario, specifically via PtHuron/Sarnia. So.... My kids & I passed thru Sarnia 5 days before you left for PNG and again 3 days after. Sorry we missed you. :-)