Saturday, January 3, 2009

narapela samting

so, the house we are staying in has a small hobby farm in the back "40" and it is fun to have the chance to be the keepers of so many animals.
our friends were kind enough to be sure that both goats were pregnant, thereby avoiding the task of milking, which we know absolutely nothing about.the pigs are all in the freezer ... reminding me of the Godfather for some reason
the guinea fowl and peacocks just need feed and water, oh, and don't stare the male down as he takes that as a threat.
the turkeys are few in number as the majority of them joined the pigs in "the locker"
the chickens are down in number, too, so we only need collect three to five eggs each day and, well, eat them ... the eggs, not the chickens.
two cats also live here and their litter box is in desperate need of changing. I am pretty darn sure that I smelled it last night, at intermittent intervals. gag.a farmer's wife I am not, but it is a great homeschool experiment while we wait for all our new school stuff to come from Sonlight. I am guessing we will be back to the books sometime in february ... or so :)


goat whisperer said...

but a goat-whisperers wife you may be

SmallWorld at Home said...

It is lovely to read your regular blogs again!