Saturday, January 3, 2009

sampela samting bilong sarare

Jonam: "do we have a flyswatter?"

me, thinking, visualizing my home in PNG
"when you ask me that, all I picture is the mint green one hanging by the back door, in Papua"

Jonam, obviously taking care of the problem while I stand, oblivious, in the kitchen of my 'not' home, not looking in his direction at all.

"It's dead. I used your Woman's Day magazine. It doesn't have any guts on it. It's ok."


K2 said...

At least he had the good sense not to use a library book. Love it.. lol

mom said...

I stumbled over here from the HOTM giveaway and caught that you recently returned from PNG. Since I could find no link for email and have friends who have served in PNG for many years as well as my oldest who spent a summer in PNG as part of his college internship for linquistics, I'm just curious....are you planning on going back?

Tammy ~@~
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