Wednesday, January 7, 2009

no surprise

so i sign up for twitter, since it seems like a good idea at the time, and as i am hitting the "send" button, i see that i have made my unchangeable username


on fie?



SmallWorld at Home said...

It's very snazzy!

Anonymous said...

LOL, story of my life

JenIG said...

i think that means something important in French. I think it means "A Girl", actually. Tell me I'm right so I can feel especially smart about mysef.

onfire in PNG said...

it would mean that, jens, if one couldn't spell worth beans. fille is girl-type person in french. at least you tried.

Barbara said...

I think it is a statement of you against the world: Fie on it! K on all you can do is be on fie about the opposition.

Totally intentional.

Lve Bab.

Anonymous said...

Okay daughter dear according to the Oxford Mini Dictionary it means "exclamation of disgust" Hmm ! Well, that's what the dictionary said. <3 Mom (let's try to find another definition in another language - sorry none in Finnish)