Friday, January 9, 2009

friday freefall

Heart of the Matter has a meme today that I couldn't seem to pass up ...

2008 is behind us and we are two weeks into the New Year! In considering your resolutions, or simply your hopes and goals for 2009, how do you plan on accomplishing them? What is some great advice you can give someone about homeschooling?..or maybe you simply have some encouragement for parents of your own! Can’t wait to read the posts…remember that many people struggle with the after-Christmas let down. What keeps you positive?

hmmm, some weighty questions, for sure.
This year is completely different than any other Christmas/New Year's time I have ever celebrated ... ever. I thought I was still going to be a misso in PNG when November rolled around. I never dreamed I would be spending over 20 hours in the air because my oldest son needed surgery sooner rather than later. I never thought that the Lord would un-call us, if you will, in less than a year, but as they say in PNG "em laik bilong Bikpela" ... as God likes.

so, for this particular New Year, I have made no resolutions. Everything is so new right now seeing as how we just landed a few weeks ago, and that not in our own Province, to start. We "missed" our fifteenth anniversary, "did" a pathetic Christmas in about four minutes back on the 12th of December, and were so tired for New Year's Eve that we were all in bed well before 10p.m.

this year, we are working on something as a family ... something to which we are all agreed. something that I believe sums up all the HOTM questions in one.
so, to quote the words of my good missionary friend, Deanne:

let's not find fault

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