Monday, January 26, 2009

the simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY... Monday, January 26

Outside My Window... snow, silos, pines and birches ... sheer lovliness

I am thinking... that I am starting to feel like "home" again

I am thankful for... my new home

From the kitchen... mmmmm, grape crush

I am wearing... jeans and a pretty blue sweater from the Gap that I, of course, got second hand

I am creating... a lot of friction because my kids want to finish school and I just want to be on the compy now that we have internet after almost 5 loooong days without

I am going
... to pick up a loveseat at my parent's place later, which my dad informs me is all ready to go out the door (hint, hint)

I am reading... still reading stormie, oh, and 71 e-mails

I am hoping... to kick kerrie and taylor off my favourite chair mwah, ha, ha

I am hearing
... a myriad of sounds, all of which are new and foreign to my ears

Around the house
... piles and piles of snow, literally

One of my favorite things
... news from a close friend in Papua New Guinea, in tok pisin

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... a missions meeting, rehearsal,a drive to St.Thomas,and hanging a plethora of pictures on crisp, clean walls

Here is picture thought I am sharing


K2 said...

Kerrie and Taylor are pouting and reluctantly dragging their behinds off the comfy chair... SIGH...

Good to have you home though ;) harhar

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the comfy chair comment. Now I have to fight with Silas the cat for the 1 couch left. Goodbye loveseat, we're gonna miss ya :-( Boo hoo ......

SmallWorld at Home said...

For many reasons, I adore you!